what about this blog?

I have a hundred things to do. Today. Don’t you? Don’t we all? I work too much, there’s never enough time, blah blah blah. About a year ago a former co-worker was making one of those “bucket lists” and she wanted to stop at 30 items. I goaded her until she agreed to make it one hundred. And then she goaded me into making a list of my own, so I did. So, now in addition to all the things I have to do TODAY, I also have a hundred things to do. They’re the kind of things that will be fun, be rewarding, expand my mind and my horizons. Since making the list I have found it to be a useful guide in making choices, in moving toward the things I want to do, to be. Some of the things will be easy to check off when they happen as they have a finite end to them (like #20 Break 80). Some are more ambitious, more ambiguous and I’m not sure they’ll ever be completed (like #67 EMBRACE CHANGE. Go with the flow). It’s already been an adventure – it was an adventure just making the list…

Come along, read about it.

November 10, 2009: At some point I will post the list. For now, be patient, and enjoy the snippets as they come. 🙂

2 Responses to “what about this blog?”

  1. You knew someone would ask, right? Where’s the list? We know what number 70 is but, now, we are naturally curious about the other 99. It could surprise us, inspire us and result in lots of friends with lists that would be good for their souls, those they love and our fragile island home (the last from the Book of Common Prayer).

  2. Wow, who knew I was so inspiring! ;0) I am currently knocking one off my list thanks to you as well! I finally started Moby Dick last week.

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