#101 swim with dolphins

Number 100 on my list is “keep adding to this list.” Yesterday I had an experience that was not on my written list, but was definitely on my list of great adventures, and so here it is, 101.

08-03 032

me diving. not the dolphin day.

I went diving yesterday, with my favourite divemaster (Jorge) to my favourite dive site (ChunChakaab). ChuChakaab is a seldom visited site on the far south end of Cozumel. I like it because it is different from all the other sites here. To me, it looks like a coral garden; waving soft coral unlike anywhere else on our reefs. It is beautiful; colourful and full of fish life. We often see turtles here, and occasionally a nurse shark. It is the only spot on the island where I’ve seen an Atlantic Spadefish, which makes it special to me (the fish nerd) also.

As we were headed to the site, someone saw a flying fish from the boat. “Look, a flying fish!” Yeah, that’s great; I wish it was a dolphin. I am always looking off into the blue, trying to find a dolphin! I’ve seen them several times from the boat; one day a pair came to play in the wake created at the front of the boat while it was whizzing through the water and I was leaning over watching. Then one day in Honduras we saw some between dives, and snorkeled with a group of about eight dolphins – that was a very heady experience also. But I’ve always dreamed of seeing them while I was diving… underwater, equals almost. Same space, same time. We got off the boat and descended; I was – for a change – near the front of the group. Jorge was slightly ahead of me, about 40 metres away. Suddenly his shaker went off, very vigorously. I’ve been diving with him long enough that I speak Jorge Shaker. I was pretty sure he had spotted a mermaid. As I started swimming toward him, I looked where he was pointing… to the most magical, beautiful sight I have ever seen. Dolphins! They were magnificent. Their strong sleek bodies moved almost as one as they swam between Jorge and I. I turned to watch them swim through the rest of the group, and it seemed to take forever. There were six of them, and did I mention they were magnificent? For me, they are almost mystical.

The night before this, I had been out for dinner with a friend. He and I spent the majority of our time talking about scuba diving, and some of that talking about how I loved the dolphins, and was dreaming of one day seeing one while underwater. I can’t help but think that having those thoughts was either a catalyst or a precursor to what happened… bringing the dolphins into my experience, or foreshadowing the events to come!



~ by ktatkins on November 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “#101 swim with dolphins”

  1. Jealous

  2. That is a great story Kari. we all have those special dives but few of us really write about them. Thanks for letting us partake

  3. Thanks, Tony. I am certain you also have some tales to tell. 🙂

  4. […] our way to the first site, lo and behold, a pod of dolphins! If you read my blog, you’ll know I LOVE DOLPHINS! Awesome start! We went to Yucab Wall for a great first dive and then during our surface interval […]

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